Since 1995, he has been teaching Turkish as a foreign language, as well as writing and editing Turkish textbooks and storybooks.

Between 1995-2008, he worked in different international schools. He mainly taught Turkish to groups of children aged 11-17. One of the main tasks in these lessons was to prepare students for IGCSE A Level Turkish Exams.

In 1997, he prepared the textbook “Bizim Türkçemiz 1” for foreign students aged 11-14, and in 1998 he prepared the supplementary textbook “Konularına Göre Türkçe Resimli Sözlük” for the same age group. These books were printed and taught as school publications.

Between 2000-2008, he worked from abroad as a writer and editor in a private publishing house that prepares publications for teaching Turkish to foreigner students. And when he returned to Turkey in 2008, he started to work actively in this publishing house until 2012.

He is one of the authors of a total of 105 books on teaching Turkish to foreigners between 2000-2012, including books for primary school, secondary school, university and adults. Such works include student books, workbooks, grammar books, vocabulary teaching books, video activity books, leveled story books, interactive CDs. He worked as a consultant in the software of the “Online Turkish Test” program for the same publishing house.

Between 2012-2016, he worked as an education coordinator at TÖMER, a private university in cooperation with Pearson Edexcel, 10 Certificate Programs on Teaching Turkish to Foreigners were organized.

In 2018, he prepared a reading set consisting of 14 books (A1/7, A2/7) with two authors for Syrian children in Turkey.

During the summer semesters (July-August) between 2016-2023, he gave group or one-to-one targeted Turkish language courses to undergraduate and doctoral students at the University of Tokyo, Columbia University, University of California Berkeley, Norfolk State University, UC Berkeley,. Tufts University, Harvard University, California State University, University of Bologna, University of Tehran, Xi’an University, University of Düsseldorf, Uppsala University, University of Almaty, University of Algiers, Tel Aviv University, Kiev State University, University of Panama.

In 2021, he eas a consultant for a private publishing house, Turkey’s first online publishing house, on “Online Exam Program” software. For the sane publisher, he prepared a total of 100 reading book projects for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. He also edited a group of 10 authors in the preparation of 2500 question multiple-choice tests for the online evaluation of these books.

During the 2021-2023 pandemic period, he gave over 2500 hours of online Turkish lessons to people of different nationalities between the ages of 7-65.

And in the summer of 2023, he organized Turkish proficiency exams for a total of 80 foreign students in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grades of a private school in Istanbul.

MD : Çanakkale 18 March University – Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
“The effect of web 2. 0 visual and auditory communication (Skype) applications on the speaking ability in the Turkish teaching as a foreign language” 2015

BD : Selçuk University – Department of Turkish Language and Literature / with Pedagogical Formation (Ministry of National Education Scholarship). 1995

120 different nationalities and different professions between the ages of 7-65.

Brazil, Spain, Greece, Japan, Pakistan, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, South Africa, England, Canada, USA, Iraq, Syria, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Russia , France, Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, India, China, Belgium, Switzerland, Qatar, Kuwait, Cameroon, Malaysia, İran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Moldovia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia. Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia…

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