I have been teaching Turkish for 27 years. I have taught to pupils who are 7 years old and above from different countries (approximately 120) till now. I gave Turkish lessons also abroad for thirteen years. I have been an editor and writer for the course and story books in Turkish for 22 years as well. The materials being the most important issue, I choose them considering the ability of the student in learning language. In my classes I plan the four basic skills mainly according to where s/he will use the language. The instructional period changes according to the ability of the student.

MD : Çanakkale 18 March University – Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
“The effect of web 2. 0 visual and auditory communication (Skype) applications on the speaking ability in the Turkish teaching as a foreign language”

BD Selçuk University – Department of Turkish Language and Literature

HS : Haydarpaşa High School

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