• Session I: July 3 – July  28, 2023
  • Session II: July 31 – August 25, 2023

TURKCESTAN Turkish Teaching   Center will hold ‘INTENSIVE TURKISH LANGUAGE SUMMER COURSE’ in 2023. The whole course will be instructed by academic experts on their fields.


Intensive Turkish courses are offered at levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1, which range between Intensive Elementary to Intensive Advanced. Each course requires a minimum of 3 students for classes to commence.

Students who have a prior Turkish language background may choose the level requested, provided they present a certificate that prooves proficiency in prior levels and/or take a turkish proficiency exam upon arrival. (Students must scan and attach the certificate of their previous Turkish level, if they have one.)
Classes run from 09:00 a.m-13:20 p.m on weekdays, and are scheduled as follows:

4 lessons everyday and the duration of each lesson is 60 minutes. The program will be held at TURKCESTAN Turkish Teaching Center, Mecidiyeköy and Avcılar in Istanbul. 

Lesson 1: 9.00-10.00

Break 5 min.

Lesson 2: 10.05-11.05

Break 10 min.

Lesson 3: 11.015-12.15

Break 5 min.

Lesson 4: 12.20-13.20


Turkish courses will equally focus on Four Fundamental Language Skills:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

However, intensive Turkish classes are instructed at Three Main Levels:

A1 Intensive Elementary
A2 Intensive Elementary (A1 is a prerequisite)
B1 Intensive Intermediate (A2 is a prerequisite)
B2 Intensive Intermediate (B1 is a prerequisite)
C1 Intensive Advanced (B2 is a prerequisite)
  1. The excursion-activity program is organized on a daily basis according to the wishes of the groups and is charged extra.
  2. The excursions cover the European-Anatolian side of Istanbul and are held after classes on weekdays.

NOTE: The trip program to be made in Istanbul is presented to the students as a list.

Course Fee

* Each course fee is 1600 USD. Course materials + certificate of attendance + 3 dinners + Calligraphy & Marbling activity are included in the course fee.

A1 Intensive Elementary 64 Hours 1280 USD
A2 Intensive Elementary 64 Hours 1280 USD
B1 Intensive Intermediate 80 Hours 1600 USD
B2 Intensive Intermediate 80 Hours 1600 USD
C1 Intensive Advanced 80 Hours 1600 USD

Each course requires a minimum of 3 students for classes to commence.


Payments shall be processed through the below bank details:

Bank Name
Swift Code
Routing No
Account Name
Account No (USD)

Account No (EURO)

Single Room( 1 Person )
Double Room( 2 Person )
Triple Room ( 3 Person )


Breakfast  –
Dinner  –
Breakfast & Dinner  –

TURKCESTAN Turkish Teaching Center offers its students the most suitable accommodation in terms of distance and transportation.

It has agreements with dormitories with safe and clean dormitories.

Rooms; It is for 1, 2, 3 and 4 persons. Fees vary according to the quality and location of the dormitory.

NOTE: The TURKCESTAN can reserve student’s accommodation in a dormitory, a home, a hotel or an apartment, according to the student’s own preference. All accommodation booked by the Institution, will be charged a booking fee of, $50.

Required documents for application:

  • Copy of the passport
  • To Apply, students should submit the application form (below) along with the required documents, latest by June 12 , 2023
Deadline for Application   : June 12 , 2023
Deadline for Payment: June 12 , 2023

The bank receipt / slip must be under the students name that appears on the passport. Once payment is made, The bank receipt of the payment and copy of passport must be attached and sent to [email protected]

**Please note that the transaction fee shall be paid by the participant, as any missing payments will befunded prior to registration.

The accepted applicants can apply for visa through the nearest Turkish Consulate of the Republic of Turkey.

TURKCESTAN Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi offers airport pickup services to dormitory at a fee of:

Bus (groups of 10)= 500 USD/10 people

Summer Course

Yaz Kursu

Group Size

  • VIP Course: 5 Person

Course Duration

Daily: 4 Hours – Weekly: 20 Hours

  • A1: 64 hours-4 weeks
  • A2: 64 hours-4 weeks
  • B1: 80 hours-4 weeks
  • B2: 80 hours-4 weeks
  • C1: 80 hours-4 weeks

Course Date

  • Session I: July 3- July 28, 2023
  • Session II: July 31 – August 25, 2023

Course Session


Course Days

A1-A2:: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

B1-B2-C1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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