Business Turkish

Business Turkish; trade, finance, insurance, banking, and many office environments.

Our business Turkish course, work to increase your chances for acceptance in Turkey, is scheduled to work on the vocabulary you need to improve your life and the Turkish language.

  • If you need to communicate orally and in writing with business colleagues or Turkish speaking colleagues,
  • If you are looking for a flexible program that suits your destination and working hours,
  • If your choice is the historical, cultural and commercial center of Istanbul,

This program is for you.

1 lesson hour is 60 minutes.

One-to-one (1:1) lesson fee 30€.

Group lesson fee; 2 people 50€, 3 people 75€, 4 people 100€.

A1 level lasts 36 hours / 3 months.    A1.1:18 hours    A1.2:18 hours

A2 level lasts 48 hours / 4 months.    A2.1:24 hours    A2.2:24 hours

B1 level lasts 60 hours / 5 months.    B1.1:30 hours    B1.2:30 hours

B2 level lasts for 72 hours / 6 months.    B2.1:36 hours    B2.2:36 hours

C1 level lasts for 72 hours / 6 months.    C1.1:36    C1.2:36 hours

Option I: Standard Program
3 days in a week
1 hour a day (1+1+1)
12 hours per month

II. Option: Flexible and Fast Schedule

“Make your own flexible and fast schedule.”


NOTE: The following fees apply to non-packaged course purchases.

1-10 Hours 50€

10-20 Hours 40€

20-30 Hours 35€.

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    Business Turkish

    Group Size

    • VIP Classes: 1 Person
    • Group Classes: 2-5 People

    Course Duration

    Daily: 2-3 Hours etc. – Weekly: 6-9 Hours

    • A1 Level : 36 Hours
    • A2 Level: 48 Hours
    • B1 Level: 60 Hours
    • B2 Level: 72 Hours
    • C1 Level: 72 Hours

    Course Starting Date

    Any time

    Course Level

    Intermediate – Advanced

    Course Session

    Morning, Afternoon

    Course Days

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday