Please read carefully!

You may need to apply for a Student (Turkish Learning) Visa before coming to Turkey. If you want to receive an acceptance letter (which you can use to obtain a Student Visa) you must:

TURKCESTAN Turkish Teaching Center consists of 5 levels from A1 to C1.

According to the University and departments, the level of Turkish language may vary during application. For example; C1 is required for departments such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. B1-B2 certification may be sufficient for some engineering departments. For master’s and doctorate programs, at least B2 level is required to know and understand Turkish.

Program Commitments

  • Turkish education is made up of 5 levels which fee will be paid by the student. In case of failure the student or repeating the certain level, the exchange rate fee will be deducted from the fee paid and the same rate shall be repeated without any additional fee.
  • Students can apply for a one-year residence permit with the student certificate.
  • Classes consist of maximum 5 person.
  • At the end of the education , there will be no additional fee for the certificate which will be given to the student.
  • The student who delete registration his/her student certificate and residence permit will be canceled.
  • The residence permit and the follow-up process are the student’s own responsibility.

Please note that TOMER is not responsible to contact Turkish embassies for students’ visa applications.

1 - Pay

Pay Education Fee + bank transfer fee to

Bank Name
Swift Code
Routing No
Account Name
Account No (USD)

Account No (EURO)

When sending the money, please write your name, surname on the receipt. The bank transfer fee is not included in the amount that we must receive.

2 - Submit

Scan bank receipt and passport’s picture page.

Please send us the form below.

Application Form

    After you have successfully submitted your documents, we will send your invitation letter in 3 business days.

    3 - Get Visa

    You can take the acceptance letter to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country in order to apply for a Student Visa.

    • In the event that you enter Turkey with a Student Visa, you must register at our institute within 1 month of your arrival.
    • Students that obtain a Student Visa in order to attend our classes must continuously be enrolled at our school and attend our classes during their stay in Turkey.

    Please note that TÖMER is not responsible to contact Turkish embassies for students’ visa applications.