Online Turkish

çevrimiçi-ders-all-devices-minAt Turkcestan online Turkish lessons are completely based on your goals of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and lessons are customised to your needs of speaking, writing, grammar. You can choose the time of the lesson that suits you. If you want, you can prepare your own program. Lessons are available all day, including evening and weekends. Online Turkish lessons are also suitable for children.

  • Do you make grammar mistakes every time you speak Turkish?
  • Do you make pronunciation mistakes you speak?
  • Is it difficult for you to understand Turkish people when they speak quickly?

You can achieve the followings with our online Turkish courses:

  • You may practice Turkish anywhere and anytime on your computers, mobile phones and tablets.
  • You are given the chance to practice Turkish listening & speaking at your own pace at your level.
  • You may improve your Turkish with our interactive online support which our experienced teachers.


25 € / 1 Course Hour 25 € / 1 Course Hour 25 € / 1 Course Hour
2 – 8 Hours / Per Week 2 – 8 Hours / Per Week 2 – 8 Hours / Per Week
A1.1 18 Hours B1.1 30 Hours C1.1 36 Hours
A1.2 18 Hours B1.2 30 Hours C1.2 36 Hours
A2.1 24 Hours B2.1 36 Hours
A2.2 24 Hours B2.2 36 Hours


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    Online Turkish

    Online Turkish

    Group Size

    • VIP Classes: 1 Person
    • Small Group Classes: 3 People
    • Large Group Classes: 12 People-25 People

    Course Duration

    Daily: 2 Hours – Weekly: 8 Hours

    • A1: 36 Hours
    • A2: 48 Hours
    • B1: 60 Hours
    • B2: 72 Hours
    • C1: 72 Hours

    Course Starting Date

    Any time

    Course Level

    Basic – Intermediate – Advanced

    Course Session

    Morning, Afternoon, Evening

    Course Days

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday