TOMER Regulations of Certification Test

Anyone wishing to study in Turkey at a Turkish university or institution and / or applying for a scholarship programme or for business reasons, must certify his/her Turkish level by completing the Online Certification Test.

You’re required to transfer the test fee into our account in order to take the Online Test Certification, besides, documents that you will send us should be approved.

Online TOMER Certificate Exam fee is 150$ or TL equivalent within Turkey. The exam fee for Europe is 190€, and the exam fee for USA is 200$. Shipping fee is included.

Listening – Understanding

In this section, multiple-choice questions evaluate the test taker’s understanding and listening skills.
Reading- Understanding
In this section, multiple-choice questions evaluate the test taker’s understanding and reading skills.


This section is comprised of 2 tasks: Dual Conversation and Verbal Lecture.

  • Dual Conversation: In this section, candidates are asked to listen to the audio recording and orally answer the question.
  • Verbal Lecture: In this section, candidates are asked to answer the questions verbally by seeing the written and visual sources given them. The answers should take at least 3-5 minutes.


This section evaluates the test taker’s writing skills in Turkish.


In this section, the test taker’s Turkish Grammar skills are evaluated by multiple-choice questions.

The admission document for Certification Test is a document for Turkish Competence Test and given to the candidates who complete the registration process and are successfully approved. The candidates should bring this document along with his/her valid identity card or passport on the day of their test.

Online Certification Test is conducted in accordance with CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in A1/A2( Beginner), B1/B2 (Intermediate), C (Advanced) levels as 5 different tests. Candidates can take the test in all levels they want and receive the certificate of that level ( (A1 /A2, B1 /B2,C1).

The exam report card is given by notifying the candidate about his/her language level (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1). If candidate wishes to take a certification, he/she should take the matching certification test. Minimum point that candidate should obtain is %55 at A1/A2 (Beginner), B1/B2 (Intermediate), C1/C2 (Advanced) levels. You’re also required to get at least %50 points from each skill area at B2 and C1 tests. The skill areas are as follows: ‘Reading-Understanding’ ( Chapter for reading and Grammar), ‘’ Listening-Understanding’,’’ ‘’ Speaking’’ ( Dual Conversation and Expression of Speech) and ‘’ Writing’’.

Certifications will be valid for 2 (two) years from the day it’s been given.

Candidates are expected to be in the Certification Test Center where they’re going to take the test, minimum 30 minutes before the Test time. They’re also expected to bring their Certificate Test Admission letter, ID card or Passport. It is strictly forbidden to bring along mobile phone, laptop, beeper, dictionary,book, bag, Mp3 player, voice recorder etc. It is not allowed for someone else to enter into the Certificate test saloon except candidates whose registration is approved and Certificate Test Admission Letter is given along with Certification Test Agents. Candidates can have a seat in front of the PC that were specifically given to them and sign in by entering their username and password. After that, Certification Test starts and users complete the instructions that appear on the screen. Exam time may differ depending on the test and number of questions. Throughout the test, timekeeper will be in user’s PC. Users may get assistance from the observer in case they have technical hitches or health problems during the Certification Test.

Candidates who have completed the test before the exam time can exit from the test by clicking ‘’ Exit’’ button. Those candidates who want to exit the test before the completion time are expected to wait for the duty holder. A warning will appear on screen ‘’ Certification Test is over, please report to the duty holder’’. Once duty holder confirms, You can leave the test center.

Candidates can change the Test date of Certification. Candidates who claim to change Test date of Certification are required to make an application to the Agency of Certification test, 3 working days before test date.

Candidates, if they wish, can retake the Online Certification Test after a month from the first test date. In this case, the highest point that Candidates obtained is valid.

Those who are late for the test time which is set by Center for Certification Test in the Agency, won’t be accepted for the test and can’t make a claim under no circumstances.

Candidates can see a detailed report of test results ( Correct and Incorrect answers, score history etc.) by signing in with their username and password on the page of Candidate for Certification Test after an evaluation is carried out.

Candidates may request for reassessment of test results after the Certification Test Results have been received. Candidates are required to send their requests along with a petition to [email protected]. Test Center Officials will evaluate the petition and send an email to the candidate.

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