Private one-to-one lessons are the most intensive and effective way of learning Turkish.

At TURKCESTAN Turkish Teaching Center, our teachers will help you learn Turkish in a shorter and faster time by focusing only on your wishes and desires.

Private one-on-one lessons are suitable for all levels. Lessons for your faster and more planned progress

Advantages of One-to-One Turkish Classes

  • You have the opportunity to determine the period and frequency of classes.
  • We prepare the best syllabus which will fit into your needs after you sit for a placement test. This placemen test is conducted free.
  • You are also given to tak classes at your home or workplace besides at our school.

1 Lesson 60 min. and 30€

A1.1 (18 hours)  A1.2 (18 hours)  A1 36 Hours

A2.1 (24 hours) A2.2 (24 hours)  A2 48 Hours

B1.1 (30 hours)  B1.2 (30 hours)  B1 60 Hours

B2.1 (36 hours) B2.2 (36 hours)  B2 72 Hours

C1.1 (36 hours) C1.2 (36 hours)  C1 72 Hours

These levels, which are in line with the Common European Framework of Reference, will make your learning permanent.

You will have the best opportunities to speak Turkish and improve your written Turkish skills in private one-on-one lessons.

We will be pleased to prepare a proposal that suits your needs.

Lesson Programs

Option I: Standard Program
3 days in a week
1 hour a day (1+1+1)
12 hours per month

II. Option: Flexible and Fast Schedule

“Make your own flexible and fast schedule.”


NOTE: The following fees apply to non-package course purchases.

1-10 Hours 50€

10-20 Hours 40€

20-30 Hours 35€.

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    One to One Turkish

    One to One Turkish

    Group Size

    • VIP Classes: 1 Person

    Course Duration

    Daily: 2-3 Hours etc. – Weekly: 6-9 Hours

    • A1 Level : 36 Hours
    • A2 Level: 48 Hours
    • B1 Level: 60 Hours
    • B2 Level: 72 Hours
    • C1 Level: 72 Hours

    Course Starting Date

    Any time

    Course Level

    Basic – Intermediate – Advanced

    Course Session

    Morning, Afternoon, Evening

    Course Days

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday